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One of the greatest personal freedoms that is sometimes lost from a DUI and non-DUI related arrest is the loss of your driver’s license.  Much of our lives revolve around the ability to drive from place to place, to work and home, and run errands.  When this is lost, it creates stress and your normal life routine is changed.


The links below are resources to help you understand Oklahoma’s laws regarding the revocation of driving privileges and the reinstatement of your driver’s license.


   •Title 47, Section 1-155 - Revocation of Driving Privilege


The driving privilege being granted back to the individual:


   •Title 47, Section 6-212.2 - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Evaluation Programs - Reinstatement of Drivers License


The Hosty Law Office works with different types of clients and cases regarding driving privileges in Oklahoma.  From DUI to unpaid parking tickets, we have been in the court room before regarding your driving-related matter and know what to do.

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